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Nu-Maber started out as a photolitographer, producing and processing vulcanised rubber plates. Over the years, the company went on to specialise in digital plates and direct laser engraving of sleeves and rubber-coated rollers.

Nu-Maber was established in Treviso in 1978, and started out as a photolitographer by processing zinc and magnesium for the production of vulcanised rubber plates.

In 1984, Nu-Maber started with the analog platemaking process.

In 1995, it moved headquarters to Roncade (province of Treviso) in a new building of 2,400 square metres.

In 1998, Nu-Maber became the first company in Europe to install a flexo CtP from Creo for digital platemaking. Thus began its activity in the field of flexo printing leading the firm to become the Italian benchmark for flexo printers.

In 2007, the direct laser engraving of elastomer sleeves and rubber-coated rollers began.

In 2010, the company started to process water-washable digital flexo plates and installed the first solar panel system on the rooftop of its headquarters.

In 2013, Nu-Maber bought a second machine for direct laser engraving and moved the sleeve production to the new plant just beside its headquarters, thus doubling its available production space.

In 2014, Nu-Maber became the first company in Italy to install a fully-automatic line to process plates.

In 2016, a new KODAK Flexcel NX Wide line was installed at the company’s premises and, for the first time in Europe, also a second fully-automatic line for platemaking.

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Technology and Innovation
Continuous innovation is one of Nu-Maber’s key strengths. By consistently replacing outdated machinery and equipment with new, the production process has become more efficient, faster and able to offer better quality.

75% of the installed equipment is less than 3 years old. Continuous innovation is one of the company’s key strengths. Constant replacement of equipment helps the production process become more efficient and maintains quality standards high, thereby speeding up the development of projects and granting a higher competitiveness. Nu-Maber works with leading manufacturers of flexo printing machines (OMET, EXPERT, UTECO, BOBST, KOENIG & BAUER / CELMACCH), photopolymer plates (ASAHI, MIRACLON KODAK, XSYS, MACDERMID), inks (SUNCHEMICAL, FLINT, COLORPRINT), aniloxes (PRAXAIR, APEX, SIMEC), platemaking equipment (VIANORD) and color management tools (TECHKON, X-RITE). These partnership allow Nu-Maber to test new products, cutting-edge technologies and to offer Customers the most advanced and reliable solutions available on the market.

Nu-Maber stampa flexo copri-laser
Nu-Maber stampa flexo controllo umano interfaccia
Nu-Maber 4 espositori in linea
impianti stampa flexo controllo ESKO Nu-Maber
plotter da taglio Nu-Maber
Nu-Maber Rettifica maniche su impianti da stampa flexo Stampa flexografica maniche insice incisione sleeve clichè flexo
espositore fissatore Nu-Maber
Nu-Maber stampatore flexo impianti
Nu-Maber impianti stampa flexo due linee VIANORD
-Nu-Maber impianti stampa flexo rettifica maniche sleeve

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The Environment
Nu-Maber respects the environment with its sophisticated system of air filtration, which recycles the solvents used in the production process.

Nu-Maber is always concerned with the environment and complies with anti-pollution regulations. Since 2002, a sophisticated activated carbon system for air filtration and solvents recycling used in the process was integrated into its production lines. This system reduces atmospheric emissions and provides a healthier working environment fro company staff.

The installation of two solar panel systems in 2010 and 2012 at the company’s headquarters in Roncade fulfils most of its energy needs with clean energy available all year round – and with an environmental footprint of … zero!

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