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With over 40-years’ experience in pre-press and flexo printing, Nu-Maber supplies different fields of the packaging industry such as: food, nonfood, hygiene and sanitary, beverage, tissue, labels and many more besides.

Nu-Maber designs and produces sets of forms for flexo printing for different fields of the packaging and flexible packging industry such as food, nonfood, hygiene and sanitary, beverage, tissue, labels, shrink labels, gift wraps, paper table covers, school books, plastic bags, paper bags, and more besides. The flexo printing forms can be digital photopolymer plates and direct laser engraved elastomer sleeves. Nu-Maber also offers laser engraving on rubber-coated rollers.

Flexo printing is currently the best technology available on the market for printing flexible packaging, labels, paper and plastic bags, shrink labels, adhesive tape, gift wraps, paper table covers, school books. The preparation of the printing plates plays an important role in achieving optimal print results. Nu-Maber, the Italian leader in this filed, allows the price of your flexo printing plates to be calculated online.

Products and solution for flexo printing​

How does flexo printing work?

Flexographic printing (flexo) uses digital photopolymer plates or rubber plates with water-based, solvent or UV inks. The printing forms are inked by a roller called “anilox” the surface of which is engraved with very fine cells that transfer the ink to the plate, which then provides a smooth ink laydown onto the substrate. Nu-Maber has been supplying high quality flexographic printing plates since the early 80’s and is a HD Flexo certified producer. You can contact us and receive a quotation, here.

Four steps for optimal printing

Like traditional printing systems, flexo is made up of four different steps: reprographic, imaging or engraving of the plates, printing and finishing. For optimum results, it’s essential to choose a reliable flexo plate supplier who uses the very latest technology: Nu-Maber is your target supplier.

Relying on expertise

Located in the province of Treviso, Nu-Maber has been providing this service for many years. We were the first Italian producer of flexo plates equipped with a Creo CTP to image plates digitally. Today, our graphic studio works with software designed especially for the flexo industry, and prints certified colour proofs. We also have four Esko CDI imagers for photopolymer digital plates up to 132×203 cm, one Kodak Flexcel NX Wide line for the production of flat-top dot plates, two fully-automatic lines for the development, drying and finishing of plates and one fully-automatic plotter to cut the plates. Our production department is also complete with a new line for the production of water-washable AWP digital plates, and two machines for the direct laser engraving of elastomer sleeves.

Some of our numbers:

CTP Systems for digital plates
Fully automatic lines for plates imaging
Fully automatic line for water plates imaging
Machines for direct laser engraving of sleeves and rollers
Sq.m production facility
Project ever

News from Nu-Maber

Quality certification ISO 9001 for Nu-Maber

ISO 9001 quality certification, a standard reference for the quality management system
Quality certification ISO 9001:2015 for Nu-Maber. A quality mark system management principles focused on customer care, commitment and involvement of the top management, process-oriented approach and constant improvement.

Kodak Flexcel NX: Nu-Maber, your new certified partner

Kodak Flexcel NX: certification of a high quality standard for Nu-Maber
Kodak Flexcel NX: Nu-Maber is your certified partner. Guarantee of a top quality production process, efficient printing, quality and consistency in the reproduction of the dots on the plate.

Flexible packaging: free to choose with flexo printing

Flexible packaging is employed to contain many types of products
Flexible packaging is used to contain many types of products and is especially designed for the food industry. Frozen food, cakes and pastries, baked products, coffee, snacks, pasta and rice are all suitable for flexible packaging that preserves t…

Nu-Maber has been at the side of the association “Donare Futuro” for years.
Through this collaboration, we want to offer real help and social solidarity
with the aim of offering life and future perspectives to vulnerable people,
specifically to children and young people in developing countries,
such as Congo and Tanzania.

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