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Stories evolve over time, adapting to changes.
Reaching its 40th anniversary, a story decides to renew its external image with a new “outfit”, while keeping its inner essence unchanged.

Quality certification ISO 9001 for Nu-Maber

Certificazione di qualità ISO 9001 standard di riferimento per la gestione della Qualità

Quality certification ISO 9001:2015 for Nu-Maber. A quality mark system management principles focused on customer care, commitment and involvement of the top management, process-oriented approach and constant improvement..

Kodak Flexcel NX: Nu-Maber your new certified partner

Kodak Flexcel NX: certification of a high quality standard for Nu-Maber

Kodak Flexcel NX: Nu-Maber is your certified partner. Guarantee of a top quality production process, efficient printing, quality and consistency in the reproduction of the dots on the plate.

Flexible packaging is used to contain many types of products and is especially designed for the food industry. Frozen food, cakes and pastries, baked products, coffee, snacks, pasta and rice are all suitable for flexible packaging that preserves them longer. For example, flexible materials for frozen food must be resistant to very low temperatures (down to -35°). Also, they must be waterproof and retain water. In some other applications, instead, the most important thing is not resistance but flexibility: biscuits and snacks, for example, are mainly packed in bags that can be easily opened and resealed.
During the year, the Company received economic benefits pursuant to Law 124/2017, art.1, paragraph 125. The following table shows the data relating to the lenders, the amount or value received and the reason attached to the benefit.

Shrink sleeve: more than just labels

Added on Wed 14 June 2017

Flexible labels, also known as shrink sleeves, allow a creative and revolutionary packaging of bottles, perfumes, cosmetics, drugs and many other products. Since the 70’s this printing substrate vastly changed the way of packaging. It is not only about the aesthetic appeal of shrink sleeves, but also their ability to protect and promote products.

Flexo: printing for all tastes

Added on Wed 14 June 2017

Flexo means flexographic printing, a way of printing which is different from the traditional processes. Flexo is perfect for printing on traditional materials but also on many modern substrates like flexible packaging, carton, aluminium, plastic film and paper or film labels. Even books and magazines are successfully printed in flexo today. Unlike traditional printing, flexo employs digital photopolymer or rubber plates with water-based, solvent-based or UV inks. The printing forms are inked by a roller called “anilox”, the surface of which is engraved with very fine cells that transfers the correct amount of ink to the plate, which then transfers the ink onto the substrate. Flexo’s most important features are fast printing and quick ink drying.

Kodak Flexcel NX Wide

Added on Thu 23 February 2017, at 18:36

In June 2016 a new Kodak Flexcel NX Wide line was installed (format size 203×127). It is the most reliable system available for the production of flat-top dot plates with fine screen dots under 1%. This system also improves the ink coverage visible on the printed material and its overall quality.

Cost-saving, re-using and fast service!

Added on Wed 30 March 2016, at 17:41

In 2015, the installation of a grinding machine for sleeves and rubber-coated rollers was completed, enabling our company to conduct an in-house grinding down of the used sleeves received from Customers, both for solid printing and for new engraved jobs, bringing savings in costs, reuse of stock sleeves and a faster service.

The first fully-automated production line in Italy

Added on Wed 30 March 2016, at 15:43

In December 2014, Nu-Maber installed the first automated line for plate processing in Italy. The new production line helped to raise quality standards and speed up our production process even more, with an improved service for our Customers.

Direct laser engraving (Co² + YAG)

Added on Wed 30 March 2016, at 15:39

In July 2013, Nu-Maber completed the installation of a second machine for direct laser engraving on elastomer. The new equipment is a “world first” with a double laser source, one CO² laser and one YAG laser, working simultaneously. The new YAG laser makes it possible to engrave screens of up to 70 lines/cm, while the CO² laser keeps production speed high.

Nu-Maber at LabelExpo Europe

Added on Sat 28 September 2013, at 15:56

Once again, this year we are joining LABELEXPO EUROPE as a partner of OMET and NUOVA GIDUE with some HD demos at 70 lines/cm.

Nu-Maber: HD flexo certified producer

Added on Thu 01 March 2012, at 12:31

Nu-Maber has obtained the “HD Flexo certification” from EskoArtwork, for the production of high-definition digital plates. The new success has been achieved with the AWP water-washable photopolymer plates: high quality with attention to the environment.

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