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Flexo: printing for all tastes

flexo printing for many different products

Flexo means flexographic printing, a way of printing which is different from the traditional processes. Flexo is perfect for printing on traditional materials but also on many modern substrates like flexible packaging, carton, aluminium, plastic film and paper or film labels. Even books and magazines are successfully printed in flexo today. Unlike traditional printing, flexo employs digital photopolymer or rubber plates with water-based, solvent-based or UV inks. The printing forms are inked by a roller called “anilox”, the surface of which is engraved with very fine cells that transfer the correct amount of ink onto the plate, which then transfers the ink onto the substrate. Flexo’s most important features are fast printing and quick ink drying.

Printing on packaging and shrink sleeves


Flexo is the most suitable process to customise flexible packaging and shrink sleeves  because you can print some very creative artwork without giving up functional purposes.

Plastic bottles, bags for pasta and biscuits, cosmetics but also napkins, paper bags, aluminium trays and many other products: flexo suits all tastes.

example of flexo printing

Flexo specialists


Flexo requires technology and special expertise through all the four steps of the printing process: pre-press, production of the plates, print and finishing.


State-of-the-art equipment is essential for the production of the digital photopolymer plates even up to larger formats: lines for exposure, development, drying and finishing.


Among the Italian companies working in the flexo industry, Nu-Maber (based in the province of Treviso) is the only one equipped with four next-generation Esko CDI imagers to process digital plates.


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